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We strive to make a positive difference in the world and in eternity
by wholeheartedly serving God and others.

Our Faith-in-Action Group Hits the Ground Running
in West Palm Beach, FL, with...

Our new senior troupe of Biblical Storytellers speaking God's Word straight from the Bible and straight from their hearts!  Click here to learn more about it. 

Contact Ruth at O or 201-785-6481 (cell) to become a storyteller or to invite the troupe to perform (if you are in the Palm Beach County). If you are farther away, learn how you can replicate it in your area. 



 Our Love of a Grandparent Program, in which families without
 this type of love in their lives are brought together with loving
 seniors wanting to fill that void. Click here to learn more.


7 Years of Dogfests

2009-2015 Held in NJ

featured adoptable dogs; food; games; special guests

Click Here to order the book written in the voice of the dog that started it all,

Jessie Grace Tschudin


No formal sign-up. No costs or obligations. Only gains, advantages, and joys.

Start anytime.

* Read as much as you like on your own.

* For more information see the above tabs.



* $200 mini-grants for God-centered people and programs. 

for a printable poster about the Lord Provides program. * Click here for an application to be considered for a "closer-walk" grant.

Click on button to support Open Doors' people-centered endeavors:

We also support those on the front line of animal rescue.

We regret to announce that our beloved poster girl, Jessie Grace, is no longer with us.

Click here for an album of photos showing her life as friend, therapy dog, model for our "Rescued Dogs on the Go!" book, initiator of Dogfest. She was our angel for 7 years. Now she is truly an angel! She is sorely missed by all whose lives she touched.

Click here to learn about:

Annabelle's Way
(help when it's time to say goodbye to
beloved pets) and

Jessie's Senior-to-Senior Grants
(to help rescue groups with expenses
related to care and placement of senior
cats and dogs).]

Brian McKenna and rescued dog, Kayla

   Click on button to support animal rescue: 


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